Creating a Data-Driven Culture Across the Institution at the University of North Dakota

Presented by Sol Jensen, Assistant Vice President for Admissions and Financial Aid, University of North Dakota and Lori Lindenberg, Research Analyst, University of North Dakota

Change does not come easily or swiftly in higher education. However, change meets much less resistance when accompanied by powerful data and analytics that support our ideas. In early 2013, new leadership at UND determined that the university did not have a data driven-culture in place to make strategic enrollment management decisions. UND has begun making immediate and positive impacts on the campus culture through the use of data, including: standardizing data definitions; creating interactive data dashboards; building predictive analytics and modeling; revising scholarship programs and leveraging awards; enhancing recruitment, retention, and graduation strategies; and moving from data reporting to more data interpretation, strategy, and planning. This presentation will share how to build a strong bridge between academic affairs and student affairs in order to kick-start a campus-wide initiative in moving to a strategic, data-driven culture.

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