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A University Business Web Seminar

Colleges and universities are under intense pressure to meet enrollment goals, improve retention rates, and shorten time to completion. Predictive analytics can play a crucial role in these efforts by providing insights that guide strategic decision making, improve enrollment management and promote student success.

Longwood University in Virginia is using predictive analytics to help identify at-risk students, and seeing much greater impact than traditional student retention models, which often focus on struggling students at a point that is too late to intervene. By taking a different approach with their predictive models, Longwood has been able to put programs in place to help the university’s at-risk students succeed.

Watch this web seminar to learn how Longwood has developed these predictive models, what models the university is currently developing to have even more of a positive impact in the future, and some key strategies for using predictive analytics to promote student success at any institution.

Jennifer Green
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management & Student Success
Longwood University (Va.)

Jon MacMillan
Senior Data Analyst
Rapid Insight Inc.