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Data of the People, By the People, and For the People: The 2019 Rapid Insight User Conference

As things like automation and machine learning and AI become more prevalent, it’s easier to forget that even the most innovative solutions still require people. People who steer these tools toward organizational change. People (e.g. customers, colleagues) who reap the benefits of innovation.

At Rapid Insight, we set ourselves a yearly reminder of the people-centered impact that our Veera data analytics platform has on institutions and enterprises. That reminder: our annual Rapid Insight User Conference.

For a few days in June, in beautiful Conway, New Hampshire, we brought together new, experienced, and prospective Veera users, and through a series of presentations, panels, and meetups, we exchanged ideas and shared successes (as well as the many challenges) around data-driven decision-making.

If you didn’t make it to this year’s conference (there’s always next year), or if you did and want to recapture its illuminating content—relax, we’ve got you. Here are the slide presentations that some of our star users came to share:

Bridging the Gap Between LMS & Advisors
Jessi Rogers, Lincoln Memorial University,

Developing Honors College Admissions Rubric to Ensure Student Success
Lizmarie Maldonado, MSPH, College of Charleston

Using Veera with R and Shiny to Build Complex Visualizations
Bharathwaj Vijayakumar, Rowan University

From Data to Action: Using Survey Responses in Predictive Modeling
Amy Shin, Benedictine University

Incorporating Multiple Systems for Predictive Success
Kristen Salomonson, Ferris State University

Multiplying IR Functionality Across the Institution, The Power of the Veera Platform
Matt Rehbein,
Lipscomb University

Putting Your Models to Work: Informed & Targeted Advising for Graduation & Transfer
Marilyn Roth, Bunker Hill Community College

Using a Markov Model to Enhance a Binary Logistic “No-Show” Predictive Model
Michael Johnson, St. Charles Health System

From Data Aware to Data Driven: Our Journey Towards Predictive Analytics
Phebe Soliman, Michael Arabitg, County College of Morris

Using Veera Construct to Create Daily Enrollment Reports
Maria Narvaez, Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles

Thank you to all of our 2019 conference presenters and attendees. Your work is proof that our work at Rapid Insight is making a difference.