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Automating the Data Prep Process for Tableau in the eLearning Analytics Department at University of Cincinnati

Part of our Women in Data Science Series

The University of Cincinnati created the eLearning Analytics department to address the need for managing, analyzing, and reporting data related to student behavior during a course, through the LMS and other eLearning tool data. This has resulted in over 90 different Tableau visualizations that help them better understand what the data is saying and what their students are telling them. They have accomplished this with limited resources. As the project has grown, eLearning Data Analyst – BI Specialist, Michelle Ford was looking for a better process to keep the dashboards up to date.

In this on-demand video, Michelle shares the approach she has taken and reviews how she utilizes Veera Construct to prepare her data and automatically update the Student Learning Data System, a Microsoft SQL Server, for use in her Tableau Dashboards.

Michelle Ford
eLearning Data Analyst – BI Specialist
University of Cincinnati

Jon MacMillan
Senior Data Analyst
Rapid Insight

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