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2018 AIR Forum

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rapid insight booth at the air forum

By Jon Macmillan, Senior Data Analyst

Here at Rapid Insight, our entire platform, Veera, makes it easier for you to work with and communicate your data faster than ever. We love what we do and recently redoubled our commitment to our mission of democratizing data by introducing our data exploration tool, Veera Bridge. In celebration, we led a round-table discussion at the 2018 AIR Forum in Orlando, Florida.

Fortunately, Dan Duerr, a data scientist with Saint Leo University, was able to join us to co-facilitate the discussion. Our conversation revolved around the buzz-phrase “democratizing data” and what it means to end-users of data and those who simply need to understand their data better. Speaking from my own perspective, there were several solutions I didn’t expect to hear. I wanted to share some quick thoughts from our session with you – here are four that really stood out:

  • Discussions around the data requests
  • Inter-departmental awareness of active projects
  • Clear terminology, shared or explained proactively

And perhaps most importantly,

  • Shared investment, where outside voices are incorporated, not dismissed

My goal is to get more people thinking about this, since it’s really the most important aspect of data-work. Watched pots never boil, and uncommunicated data never leads to change! So, I’d like to make this a valuable resource for all users, viewers, and data enthusiasts out there. I want to broaden our sample size. Let us know in the field below what else you envision when you hear “democratized data”, regardless of your background and experience working with data. I’ll be following this up with a part two and I’d love to democratize the discussion with this blog post by hearing and sharing some of your own thoughts on the topic!

Decentralize Analytics and Harness the Power of Many with the Veera® Platform

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