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4 Advantages of Rapid Insight’s Free Data Analyst Training and Support

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Free Data Analyst Training

By James Cousins, Analyst Manager

The true value of data is the change that it drives in your organization. That is the foundation for all of the free data analyst training and support that we offer our users, whether we’re explaining which button you need to press in the software, or sharing a successful strategy we’ve seen another, similar user employ. In fact, we offer an entire spectrum of support to our users, and I’d love to share some examples of each:

  1. Technical troubleshooting
  2. Conversational help
  3. Conceptual help
  4. Sharing our experience

1. Technical Troubleshooting

Now, naturally, a software company’s tech support team supports their software. No surprises there. But the role that software plays in modern data analysis is overwhelmingly to make data accessible regardless of someone’s technical background. We know that here at Rapid Insight, and it’s why we work to support customers even when the issue falls outside of our software itself. We routinely take discoveries from one troubleshooting call with us into later calls. If we’ve learned that a networking issue causes our product to behave unexpectedly, we won’t punt the issue and tell your IT to deal with it; we’ll do everything we can to help you resolve it.

Database connectivity represents a great example of our commitment to technical troubleshooting. Databases have firewalls, credentials, two-factor authentication, or some combination of those factors. We often help users build database connections in our software, but when the connection isn’t panning out, we’ll walk through the common fixes with you. We actively want to see users get up to speed and connect with the data they need. 

Whenever we can expedite a resolution- inside or outside of our product- we’ll provide you with a list of common fixes and recommend specific questions to ask IT. We’ll also happily join a call with your IT to find the solution as quickly as possible- all for free!

2. Conversational Help

In data analysis, not all issues are as cut-and-dry as “what button do I press next.” Some are a lot more nuanced- more conversational. Think of times you’ve wondered, “how else could I break this down?” or “which of these models is better?”. Speaking on my own behalf and for the other analysts, these questions are why we love our jobs. Even when users’ needs are open-ended, or they’re just looking for a second set of eyes, we’re there to help.

Recently, I walked a user through several options for a model that predicts student enrollment at a university. I worked with that user and their team to talk through the pros and cons of each model, offering tips on how to test them. Ultimately, I helped them choose the model they planned to operationalize. 

Our enthusiasm for these meetings doesn’t stem from accumulating billable hours or upsells (again- our data analyst training and support is free!). It’s because we love working on projects whenever our users want our input!

Lily Brennan

3. Conceptual Help

Technical help often implies an active roadblock and a specific resolution. Conversational help implies an ongoing consideration of possible strategies. Conceptual help sits between the two. 

Here again, because of our conversational relationship with our users, we get asked about a lot of modeling and analysis techniques. Much of the time, we’re familiar with the techniques, and other times, we do some digging on a user’s behalf. Sometimes it gets to the point where our users will email us articles they found interesting, just to have a conversation about how that customer could use it for their purposes.

Before users purchase our tool, they often go through a trial phase. During that trial, we meet a lot of users who are new to data analysis. I’m proud to say that we embrace the opportunity to demystify new concepts and techniques. Occasionally, users in the trial phase aren’t 100% convinced that they can comfortably and quickly clean data or build models. Fortunately, because we don’t bill for support, we have time to get into details and bring all of our users up to speed with the work they need to do with their data.

4. Sharing our Experience

Sharing our experience (and just as importantly, that of our users) is the last item in this article, but absolutely not the least. 

While many users are looking to scale up the amount of work they’re doing, about as many users are venturing into entirely new territory. Perhaps you’ve never handled raw, unstructured operational data yourself. Or on the other hand, you may be unfamiliar with predictive modeling outside of pre-generated scores and probabilities.

To those users, we are especially happy to be able to offer precedent. We’ve amassed heaps of experience with data cleanup, automation, reporting, statistical exploration, and predictive modeling. Our ability to share past experiences and act as mentors to your efforts is a source of constant praise from our users. 

Your organization and your data are invariably unique from other organizations (and their data). But there is much to be gained from the experience of those who have been in similar shoes.

Our expert analysts are here to support you in using our data analytics platform

Rapid Insight’s Philosophy of Support

I am proud to be a part of Rapid Insight. More specifically, I am proud to be a part of our support team, and proud that Rapid Insight offers free and unlimited user support. 

Having used several tools in my career before joining Rapid Insight, I’ve not seen a company so officially committed to providing whatever support the customer requires. Personally, it was a driving factor behind my application to work at Rapid Insight. The process of gathering, cleaning, and analyzing data thrills me- but not because processing data is intrinsically fun. The value that data has once it’s applied to your cause- which could be sales, fundraising, education, health, or so many other things- is often immeasurable. At Rapid Insight, we are proud to help you find as much value in your data as possible.

Whether you’re a current user looking for support or you’re interested in learning more about our offerings, put our free data analyst training and support to the test! You can reach us via email or through a form submission. Alternatively, click the button below to schedule a personalized walkthrough of our products. We look forward to working with you!


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