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6 Reasons to Build Predictive Models for Student Success

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success-highwayIt’s no secret that student success matters. Here are six reasons why our customers have turned to predictive modeling to help them sharpen their student success initiatives with data:

1) A college’s retention rate is a widely available metric that prospective students can use to evaluate or compare colleges.

2) A more successful student body stabilizes a school’s yearly revenue.

3) More students are borrowing more money to attend college, and default rates on student loans are rising, with adverse impacts to the institution.

4) Many states are implementing performance-based funding formulas which rely heavily on graduation and student success rates.

5) Students attending college are seeking success. College graduates have a higher employment rate, earn more, and are more satisfied at work than non-graduates.

6) Successful, graduating students make for more successful, generous alumni.

By using historical data from your own institution from students who have been successful and students who have not, predictive modeling can help to prioritize which students are the most at-risk. While no student outreach is a waste of time, knowing which students are most at-risk allows you to distribute your resources more efficiently by focusing on the students who need them most.

For more information on how and why to build a first year student retention model, check out our ebook, “Supporting Student Success: First Year Retention Modeling“.


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