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A New Era for Rapid Insight

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Rapid Insight’s powerful and easy to use analytics products are now aligned under one simple, clean, modern brand and platform called Veera.

The Platform

Veera enables any organization to build a truly data-driven culture. Affordable and easy to use, Veera enables exploration, drives curiosity, and makes critical business insights accessible to more people, and more quickly, than ever before.

Veera simplifies the process of connecting to data sources, cleansing and preparing data, performing on-demand or scheduled analyses, building predictive models, sharing reports and empowering employees across the enterprise with the ability to investigate data and make data-driven decisions. Fostering quicker, smarter decisions, Veera is the technology that will give you a competitive edge.

The Products

Rapid Insight’s self-service data prep and reporting software has been renamed Veera Construct and features new usability improvements to onboard first-time users more effectively and intuitively. Rapid Insight Analytics, our automated and transparent predictive modeling solution, is now known as Veera Predict. With the launch of Veera Bridge, the new cloud-based sharing and data exploration platform, Rapid Insight now offers a complete, end-to-end analytics suite built for the enterprise.

The Brand

New Hampshire’s Drive Brand Studio created the new Veera mark, and used a color palette inspired by key aspects of being located in a four-season vacation destination: mountains, lakes, and forests. The tagline “Explore Fearlessly” pulls double duty as a powerful, meaningful statement. Veera empowers users to fearlessly access and explore data, easier and more efficiently than ever before. Exploration is also what Rapid Insight’s team does when off-duty, whether that be in running shoes, on skis, in a kayak, or on a mountain bike.

Rapid Insight is a unique company, located in a spectacular region with a stellar team and an unsurpassed quality of life. The new branding captures the essence of the things that make this company special. With superior products and vast opportunity for growth, this evolution better positions Rapid Insight to make an ever-growing impact.

Decentralize Analytics and Harness the Power of Many with the Veera® Platform

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