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How ‘bout that Ellucian Live Conference?

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Ellucian 2016 Live

By Victoria Weigold

ellucian-live-logoI am happy to say that a lot of people stopped by the Rapid Insight booth at Elive this past week with questions, institutional concerns, and just general interest in what our software can do for them. It was extremely gratifying to be able to share our customer stories with new people and to show them their innovative potential when it comes to their own data! We also got to enjoy awesome conversations with existing and potential customers! This post is dedicated to sharing with you what other institutions are looking for when inquiring about Veera Predict software.

For starters, there was general interest in what predictive modeling is and how it is beneficial to a university in terms of enrollment/admissions, student success and reporting. Many visitors sought out our software because they just haven’t been making their enrollment numbers time and time again, while others were looking to predict retention. Some visitors were more budget oriented and wanted to learn how forecasting enrollment and retention rates can create more cost effective decisions.

There were many others who stopped by who were looking for easy data preparation and data blending software. I met a lot of people from universities that need to prepare A LOT of data in not a lot of time. They were pleased to see that Rapid Insight Veera Construct can easily do that for them and it can extract effortlessly from Colleague by Ellucian and Banner by Ellucian, and many more.

I also got to speak with those who are familiar with predictive modeling, but were not happy with past experience. They were seeking something that better suits their needs. Those who once relied on consultants and outside sources came to me looking for something not so cost prohibitive, time consuming and inflexible. My team and I showed them the benefits of bringing predictive modeling in-house by presenting them with customer success stories and showing them exactly how easy our software is.

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All in all, I had a great time at Elive 2016 and my colleagues can say the same. I am happy to have met so many new people from various institutions and can’t wait to work with you all in the future!

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