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#EMchat Panel Recap

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EM Chat Recap
Twitter was hopping with #EMchat discussion during the Panel Discussion

What NFL Draft? Twitter was hopping with #EMchat discussion during the Online Panel

Last night, #EMchat hosted its first online panel, which focused on predictive modeling in the enrollment funnel. Jennielle Strother did a great job of moderating questions from Twitter and the webinar. Panelists included Jim Olick, Brock Tibert, and Caitlin Garrett. We covered topics both general and specific, from the types of models that can be created to exactly how the results are being utilized practically at colleges and universities. During the panel, there was a discussion about the types of resources available for a newbie looking to get into predictive modeling. In response to that conversation, we’ve compiled the resources mentioned yesterday and a few others into the list below. As always, feel free to reach out if you have questions or resources we could add!

If you missed the discussion live, you can watch a record of the video here.

-Caitlin Garrett, Senior Statistical Analyst

Types of predictive models

Measure Twice, Model Once: 3 Steps to Successful Enrollment Modeling

5 Steps for data-driven SEM

Cool Data Blog

Jon Boeckenstedt’s Higher Ed Data Stories

Panelist Brock Tibert’s Blog


Coursera Online Education

Search on Google and YouTube for “Logistic Regression Tutorial”

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