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Free Tools For Teaching Data Analytics: Rapid Insight Classroom Edition

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free data analytics tools

By Earl Sires, Rapid Insight

Do you teach a data analytics class? Do your students need hands-on experience with data preparation, predictive modeling, and visualization? Are you looking free educational tools?

If so, Rapid Insight is here to help!

We offer a free Classroom Edition of our data analytics software for instructors and students. Read on to see why Rapid Insight’s data analytics tools are perfect for your classroom.

What Can You Teach With Rapid Insight?

Using our free analytics tools, students can gain a hands-on understanding of the data analysis process from start to finish.

ETL and Data Preparation

Rapid Insight’s Construct is a data wrangling and cleansing software. Users build “data jobs” with an intuitive drag-and-drop workspace. The interface is color-coded and uses “nodes” (named for the processes they represent) to simplify the data prep process.

Construct Job

The visual nature of the software makes it a perfect way to teach students ETL and data prep. Since each “job” is its own workflow, building each job is a hands-on data prep lesson.

Construct also allows students to “show their work” and get practice explaining exactly what their data prep job does. The ability to thoroughly and concisely walk through a data prep job is invaluable for analysts entering the workplace.

Predictive Model Building and Analysis

With Rapid Insight’s Predict, your students get an in-depth look at the process of building a strong predictive model.

The software automatically mines a dataset for its most statistically significant variables, then creates a model using those variables. However, the model is fully transparent, meaning that your class can peer in at the algorithm and see how changing a variable impacts the model.

You can also perform tests like decile analysis to demonstrate how your class should analyze the strength and performance of models.


You can build unlimited models with Predict. There’s no cap on how many examples and approaches you can take when using it as an instructional tool.

Reporting and Dashboarding

Using Rapid Insight’s Bridge, students can build dashboards that update live via the Cloud. This gives students practice o building a data warehouse and setting up access levels as an administrator.

It also allows students to practice visualizing data in different ways. Students can see how viewing the same dataset in different formats leads to different conclusions.


Additionally, students can learn the principles of data democratization: opening data up for access to more users across an organization. This practice tends to lead to operational improvements, as it crowd-sources data-informed decision-making.

Students can alternatively export from Construct and Predict to a Tableau file for practice building advanced visualizations. 

The Benefits of Using Rapid Insight

While free access to the data tools for your entire class is the primary benefit, there are some additional perks that make Rapid Insight an even more worthwhile resource for you!

Easy to Use, Easy to Teach

“Construct and Predict are intuitive and easy to use,” said John Whitehouse, an Adjunct Instructor at Elizabethtown College who used Construct and Predict in his class. “Generally, after a quick demonstration, students can begin using the tools and be productive.”

You won’t need to spend much time orienting students to the software; it’s designed to be intuitive enough for anyone to use.

Instructor Support

If you need assistance installing the software on workstations or have questions about the product’s functionality, just call or email Rapid Insight’s analyst support team. 


Our data analysts will help you install the software and work through any questions that arise.

Sample Data Sets

Construct comes packaged with a number of sample datasets and pre-built demo jobs to get your class up and running.

Additional data sources, such as datasets from free resources like Kaggle or KDNuggets, are easy to incorporate into lessons. Just connect to them in the software and start teaching!

Remote or In-Person

The software can be installed either on institution-owned computers or personal home computers, making it a flexible option for both in-person or remote classes.

Installation is a simple process using license keys provided by Rapid Insight’s Support team.

Low System Requirements

Rapid Insight’s software is lightweight; it can be installed and run effectively on almost all modern PCs.

For details, see our product manuals:

Please note that Windows is required to run the software.

Request Your Free Data Analytics Tools!

There’s no better way to learn than to do something yourself, and Rapid Insight makes that possible (at no cost) for data analytics students.

Interested in learning more about the software? Ready to request free licenses for your class?

Just visit this page and complete the short form to get the process started!

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