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How HR Analytics can Accurately Predict Workforce Behavior

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By Rapid Insight

Perhaps one of the reasons that HR departments shy away from predictive analytics is because they want to keep people separate from numbers whenever possible. Who wants to admit that personal data and a well-crafted mathematical algorithm can predict how we’ll think, feel or behave?

The fact is, it can, and successful companies are beginning to realize the benefits predicting workforce behavior using historic and real-time data.



Predicting Workforce Behavior Makes For a Better Company Culture

Being able to predict how future employees will perform, which employees are at risk for leaving the company or who your future managers are is a powerful skill. It allows your HR department to put their talent to work hiring the right people, promoting the right people, and identifying the attrition risks so HR can begin implementing the right support and training before an employee quits.

  • Hire the right people. Perhaps the most popular use for predictive analytics in HR is to hire the right people from the get-go. By using data you have on hand, combined with incoming data from new hires, your company will get better and better at predicting which applicants are a good fit for the company and which will be most likely to under-perform or move on within 12-months.
  • Giving employees the chance to shine. The right employee in the wrong position isn’t good for anyone. The company suffers from inadequate performance and an employee will suffer job dissatisfaction, frustration and feelings of inadequacy. By evaluating employees’ personnel statistics, and comparing those with historical employee job performance across the spectrum, HR will have a better idea of which employees are best suited for particular job descriptions.
  • Supporting at-risk employees. Predictive models can also be used to highlight the employees that are most at risk for leaving the company. This is invaluable knowledge because it gives HR and management the information they need to tailor individualized support, further training, continuing education or whatever resources an employee may need to feel successful.

Ready to learn how to predict employee behavior to improve your company culture? Contact us at Rapid Insight to learn how, today.

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