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Introducing the Rapid Insight Collaborative Cloud

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Collaborative Cloud Data

By Caitlin Garrett, Statistical Analyst

With the new version 4.1 of Construct comes the Rapid Insight Collaborative Cloud. The Collaborative Cloud allows Construct users to share and collaborate on any analytic processes that they develop; these processes can be utilized, discussed, and enhanced by anyone in the RI user community. We hope that the cloud will increase efficiency by allowing users to share resources and ideas in real time and draw upon the knowledge of their peers whenever they begin a new analytic challenge.

Accessing the Cloud
To access the Collaborative Cloud, click on ‘RI CC’ on the title bar and select “Browse RI Collaborative Cloud” as shown:



Downloading from the Cloud

Once in the cloud, you have the ability to search for Construct jobs, transform operations, and chart styles to download.  You can choose to search these by contributor. You also have the ability to order search results by contribution date or type, number of downloads, number of comments, name, date modified, or contributor.

downloading from CC

To get details on an item or select an item to download, simply double-click on its title. To view or leave comments, double-click on the “# Comments’ field.

If you choose to download a transform operation or chart style, Construct will direct you to save to a folder outside of the Construct program, similar to the way you would save any outputs from Construct jobs. If you choose to download a job from the Collaborative Cloud, Construct will place that job in an automatically created folder titled ‘From RI Collaborative Cloud’, which you’ll see along with your other folders in the Workspace tab:

RI CC folder

You can access any of the jobs you download from the cloud by navigating to this folder.

Uploading to the Cloud
Right-click on the item to be uploaded (job, transform, chart style, or add-in) and select “Contribute [item type] to RI Collaborative Cloud”. Once selected, the Contribute to Rapid Insight Collaborative Cloud window will open with the original name of the item entered already at the top.


Contribute to CC

Before submitting by clicking “Contribute”, the user must enter a unique name, a description of the item, and check the Terms & Conditions box before the item can be contributed. Additional files (like related sample data) can also be contributed as part of the submission.

Other Ways to Download

You can quickly download jobs from the Collaborative Cloud by right-clicking in the “Jobs” area of the Workspace tab and selecting “Get Job from RI Collaborative Cloud”:

workspace tab CC

You can also import transforms from within a Transform node. To do so, right-click on the white area in the “Transform Operations” window at the bottom of the screen and select ‘Get transform from RI Collaborative Cloud”.

within transform CC

To import a chart style from within the Chart Data node, click on the ellipsis to the right of the “Chart Style” drop-down menu. In that window, right-click and select “Get style from RI Collaborative Cloud” as shown below.


CC chart style

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