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Networking with Rapid Insight

  Last month we hosted a roundtable discussion with our fundraising and advancement customers who attended our annual User Conference. It was suggested at that meeting that our customers would like more opportunities to talk to one another to exchange feedback and...

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The Forgotten Tabs: Frequency Analysis

  During this year’s User Conference, I gave a presentation called “Veera Predict: The Forgotten Tabs”, which I’ve decided to expand into a blog series. The purpose of this series will be to explain how and why to use four of the lesser-known tabs in Veera Predict –...

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User Conference Recap

  It's been one week since our User Conference wrapped up, and we're happy to say that we set a new attendance record with this one. Thank you to all who attended, and for those who were not able to attend, here's what you missed:   We had some great presentations...

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Creating Variables: Retention and Attrition

Now that we’ve highlighted some basic variables in our Creating Variables series, I think we’re ready to move on to a variable that is a little trickier to create: retention. The retention variable we’ll create will represent whether or not a freshman is retained from...

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Rapid Insight’s Summer Reading List

  With June fast approaching, summer has been on our minds here at the Rapid Insight office. Since it’s a higher education tradition to assign summer reading material, we decided to compile our own summer reading list for our customers (and we promise you won’t be...

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UB Readers’ Choice Awards

    As you may know, University Business magazine is launching its first annual Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products award this year. This award will be given to 100 products used in higher education based on nominations from its readers. Winners will be selected based on...

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Creating Variables: Out-of-state Flag

  Sometimes it’s good to see which of your students or donors are in-state because an in-state population may be more likely to enroll or be retained or give than an out-of-state population. Creating an out-of-state flag from a “state” variable allows you to easily...

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Creating Variables: Age

  Hi all! Today I’d like to a cover a pretty universally predictive variable: age. Age can be created in relation to the date of a particular event (like an application date or a mailing date), or as a reflection of age today, at this moment. Either way, age is often...

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User Conference or Bust!

  Great news, guys – only three more months until our 4th Annual Rapid Insight User Conference! Here’s what you need to know about this  inspiring, informative, and FREE event:   The user conference will take place here in Conway, New Hampshire, on the campus of...

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On Target: Predicting Pregnancy

  Call me biased, but I think creative uses for predictive analytics are pretty cool.  Target’s “pregnancy-prediction model”, explained Thursday in a The New York Times Magazine article, is a great example.  It should inspire all of us to take a fresh look at our data...

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Creating Variables: Distance From Campus

  Hi folks. This is the first entry in a new series I'll call "Creating Variables". This series will explain the creation and use of helpful predictive variables that might not be present in your existing datasets.   Today we’ll talk about how to create a “distance...

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