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Is this thing on?

Hi everyone, Caitlin here on the Rapid Insight blog. I've been reading some analytics articles this week, and one term I've heard thrown around a lot is "big data". For those of you who aren't familiar with this term, it is used to describe the massive amounts of data...

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Veera: Email Address Corrector

  Veera Construct is an ideal solution for data processing, integration, and analysis, but it also can be a powerful platform for miscellaneous error-correction and markup utilities. It is possible to replace an entire fleet of data-scrubbing interns, laboring over...

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Veera: Simple Update Notification

  Data whirring around is always good. It means there is progress, things are happening, and there is more to be done. Of course, if you have a huge database it doesn’t make much sense to identify the progress by combing through thousands of rows and who knows how...

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Veera: Maintain Merge Nodes with Dummy Nodes

  Imagine you are working on a job with a Merge Node, and on first build you have a very selective and specific list of joins between two sources. All good! Now suppose later on, for whatever reason, you have to make edits to your sources- the schema changes in your...

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Swap ya!

  Didi and I appear to be participating in an impromptu worker exchange program. A little more than a month ago I was working for The Echo Group, a behavioral healthcare software producer and Rapid Insight partner company. My decision to leave Echo opened up a couple...

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Breaking Free of SQL

I discovered I don’t need the crutch of writing SQL code on the side and fully trust the results from Veera Construct. Learn how I broke free from using SQL with Veera Construct.

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