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Performance-Based Funding: Unintended Consequences?

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By James Cousins, Data Analyst

Performance-based funding is well-established by now. Thirty two states are on board so far (NCSL). What is not clearly established, is how performance-based funding might be affecting colleges’ decision-making. One perspective is that colleges may re-evaluate admission decisions or academic proceedings.One certainty; if your student landscape is shifting at all, having a dynamic plan for student success is a powerful response.

There’s research being done, at the very least, by Robert Kelchen in order to see how performance based funding is impacting the makeup of colleges’ student bodies (credit to The Chronicle for coverage of the story). The questions he raises relate to how colleges might potentially secure their performance-based funding by adjusting elements surrounding student success. The hypothesis, it sounds like, is that colleges may be bolstering the success rates by becoming more selective in their admissions processes.

Accessibility is a topic that had been coming up frequently leading up to this point in time, and now it seems like there’s concern that accessibility runs counter to ensuring performance-based funding. The goal of performance-based funding is, presumably, to encourage increasing student success without discouraging accessibility, though. So this reminded me how powerful predictive modeling can be in it’s ability to drive student success for individual students without necessarily needing to elevate the standards for incoming students. Imagine ensuring your performance-based funding without needing to turn away students at the lower end of your admissions standards.

Want to see for yourself how you can design your student success in a changing environment? Dr. Kay Bales, and Ball State University did just that by tailoring student outreach to the distinct students who needed it. Are you one of the institutions following performance-based funding? How will you confront your student success? Find out more about how Predictive Modeling can help.

On a side note, I will be attending Ellucian Live in Denver from April 17th through the 20th. If you will be there, stop by Booth 541 to say hi.  I am looking forward to learning more the challenges people are looking to overcome with predictive modeling

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