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Rapid Insight User Conference Reflections

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By Joe Viger, VP of Sales and Marketing

This week was Rapid Insight’s Annual User Conference. I’ve been heavily involved in user conference events throughout my career and I’m a big believer in not only the educational value of a stakeholder conference but also their transformative value for both customers and staff. Nothing is more inspiring than hearing about the dynamic work of your peers and the profound impact they’ve created.

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As I listened to the presentations this week, some common themes were expressed by our customers again and again and I wanted to share some observations with you.

Easy and Fast

As customers described their work, it was virtually always punctuated with a comment about how efficient Rapid Insight’s Veera Construct and Veera Predict products made their work. Whether it was challenging data clean-up tasks, blending disparate data sources, transforming data or developing and modifying predictive models, presenters described a simpler and faster process using Rapid Insight’s tools than others they had available.


It was wonderful to hear customer presenters repeatedly thank Rapid Insight staff for their contributions to what they’ve accomplished. Clearly Rapid Insight’s open access to staff and expert consultation for no additional cost is working to help customers achieve their specific goals and make profound impact in their organizations. I don’t know of any other software company that works this way and it makes a big difference for our customers.


The presentations at the conference again and again underscored the results our talented customers create with Rapid Insight software. These results cut across type of organization and management focus. Every session featured customer stories of our product bringing them high levels of predictability in student admissions, increased student retention, predicting hospital readmissions, automating reporting for funding streams or increasing fund raising efforts through donor targeting.

One of the presentations at the conference was done by Jeffrey Collis, a Data Manager at University of North Carolina-Greensboro. We spoke with Jeffrey before the conference and created this case study about his work with Veera Construct and Tableau that I thought you might be interested in.

Read the Case Study

In closing, the conference was an educational and inspiring event for me and based on the comments of our customers, that was clearly the case for them as well. I can’t wait until next year!

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