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Sneak Peek: Virtual Insights 2020 User Event

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Virtual Insights

By Earl Sires

It’s time for Virtual Insights!

On Thursday, July 16th, from 1-5pm Eastern, Rapid Insight is hosting its largest-ever digital event! We’re bringing you four hours of informative, education content, completely free and directly to your computer screen.

The most exciting part about going virtual with the event is that we can offer those who might not ordinarily be able to attend our annual User Conference a preview of the content we offer each year. Whether you’re looking to gain skills in the software or get insight from higher education data experts, this event is for you!

Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect at Virtual Insights.

Welcome to Virtual Insights

1:00pm ET | 10:00am PT

The event will kick off with a message from Rapid Insight President Mike Laracy. Next, Product Manager Jon MacMillan and Analyst Manager James Cousins will give a product update, discuss our Deep Dive webinar series, and give a contextual overview of the rest of the day’s content.

Building a Data-Informed Campus: Crawl, Walk, Run

Keynote Conversation

1:15pm ET | 10:15am PT

In this keynote conversation, Jared Cash, the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing at the University of Southern Maine, will share insight gained through his experience in building a data-informed culture at USM.

The session will feature advice relevant to institutions at all stages of integrating data into their operations.

For schools just beginning to build a culture of data-informed decisions, the presentation will offer tips on getting institutional buy-in and growing the influence of data in the decision-making process.

For institutions with a functioning data culture that’s ready to grow, the conversation will explain how a “matrix model” of interdepartmental institutional research can achieve that growth.

Finally, for schools with a strong data culture, the conversation will touch on aspirational goals and benchmarks for further expanding how data is used on campuses.

Deep Dive: Good, Better, Best

Deep Dive Webinar 2020

Construct: 2:00pm ET | 11:00am PT

Predict: 2:45pm ET | 11:45am PT

Our Deep Dive webinar series has been going strong for several years. Deep Dives are in-depth tutorials in Construct and Predict hosted by Rapid Insight’s analysts. These sessions equip users to grow their skillset and get the most from the software.

During Virtual Insights, we’re hosting two Deep Dive sessions: the first on Construct and the second on Predict. In each session, we’ll cover the “good, better, and best” practices and techniques for using the products. This offers users of all skill levels the ability to review their current work and plan their future growth.

We’ll start by reviewing good practices: the basic techniques and processes every user of the software should be aware of and put to use.

From there, we’ll move on to better practices. These intermediate techniques represent the capabilities and strategies that users with experience implement to get more out of the software.

We’ll cap off the session by reviewing best practices. These may be aspirational if you’re a new user of the software or haven’t fully explored its capabilities, or the next steps you need to take if you want to use the software’s true potential.

The Big Questions in Higher Ed: User Discussion Panel

Big Questions

3:30pm ET | 12:30pm PT

Higher education experienced a number of seismic shifts in the past several months, posing several significant questions.

In this session, we’ll hear several viewpoints on major issues facing higher ed professionals who work in the three major types of institutions a public state university, a community college, and a private university.

The panel will feature:

The panelists will discuss:

  • Predictive modeling in a time when the reliability of historical data is in question
  • The impact of making standardized testing an optional admissions metric
  • The impact of recent events on Financial Aid outlays
  • Strategies for establishing institutional buy-in and support for data projects

Support Team AMA

Support Staff AMA

4:15pm ET | 1:15pm PT

This is a chance to pose any question you’d like to Rapid Insight’s analyst support team.

Whether your question is about Construct, Predict, or Bridge; a data project you’ve bee working on that you think the rest of the audience would find interesting; or just about the analysts themselves, the team will field your questions live.

Submit questions live throughout the day of the event!

Community Chat

Community Chat

4:30pm ET | 1:30pm PT

In this informal debrief session, we’ll close out the day with a fun, casual chat. We’ll have polls, prizes, and prompts lined up to get you thinking and talking with the staff and other users of the software. 

If you’re intrigued by anything above, just click here to register!

Using your registration link, you can attend the entire event, or you can log in and out to view whichever individual sessions you’re interested in attending. Throughout the day, we’ll feature data trivia questions and breaks between sessions. 

Take a look at the detailed agenda, or learn more about the event and register!

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