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Branching in Veera Construct

Webinar Title:

Branching in Veera Construct

Webinar Date:

Tuesday, February 25, 2 PM ET | 11 AM PT

Part of the Veera Deep Dive Webinar Series

How often do you feel like some elements of your data are impossible to access? For instance, have you ever wanted to add a total row to your tables, but haven’t quite been able to figure out the best formatting?

Here’s a Deep Dive webinar for you. We will learn about branching in Veera Construct, and we’ll show you how this trick can uncover new elements in your data.

Among its benefits, branching allows you to:

  • Add new rows and columns into your data, using information that’s already there
  • Modify and add total rows to your tables
  • Create new time-specific columns, and more

Register for this Deep Dive webinar today and don’t miss out on adding the branching trick to your Veera Construct skillset!

Presented by:

Jon MacMillan

Jon MacMillan

Product Manager

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