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rapid insight webinars Addressing Admissions Challenges with Advanced Enrollment Analyses

Friday, February 26, 11:30 am - 12:15 pm ET Watch the Webinar

After many years of growth, UNC Greensboro saw decreased enrollment in Fall 2020. With some schools in the UNC system reporting increases, UNCG’s new leadership sought to discern the causes. The pandemic’s rapid changes demanded answers quickly, and the university knew it needed comprehensive metrics drawn from reliable data.

In this presentation, Jason Fleck, UNC Greensboro’s Technology Manager, will discuss how he used Rapid Insight’s Construct to build the reports key decision-makers at UNCG use to address and overcome the institution’s admissions challenges. Fleck’s automated workflows generate rich digests of data on competitive enrollment, student demographics, and county -level attrition rates, equipping university leadership with the information they need to craft a data-informed enrollment strategy for the future.


This session is a recording from NCAIR/SCAIR’s Virtual Conference.

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