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rapid insight webinars Building a Resilient Enrollment Engagement Score for a Post-COVID World

Tuesday, January 19, 11 am PT | 2 pm ET Watch the Webinar

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Two years ago, Kelley Graham, the Senior Director of Enrollment Technology at Lipscomb University, developed a lead scoring model that ranked applicants by their likelihood to enroll. The model equipped admissions counselors and staff to prioritize outreach and improve enrollment rates.

Everything changed when COVID-19 struck. The lead scoring model, which heavily weighted in-campus visits, suddenly seemed ill-suited to the circumstances.

But Graham did not lose faith in the model’s ability to serve Lipscomb’s enrollment goals. Instead, she refined the model to identify new digital engagement metrics.

Thanks to the hard work of Lipscomb’s staff and Graham’s flexible prospect-ranking model, Lipscomb achieved record enrollment and retention in Fall 2020. They now have a clear path forward and a resilient, proven metric for measuring prospect and applicant engagement, even in a post-covid world.

In this webinar, Graham will discuss:

  • The process of building the initial prospect-scoring model
  • Adapting the model after COVID’s impact
  • How the model benefits enrollment efforts

Watch the webinar below!

Note: During the presentation, we received more questions than we had time to answer. We’ve since compiled a blog post that answers all questions asked during the session. Click here to view it!

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