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rapid insight webinars Impacting Enrollment with Competitor Analysis

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You’ve enrolled 50% of the applicants that you admitted. That’s great, but what happened to the other 50%? Where did they go and why did they go there? In an increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s important to know which schools you are losing students to and why students are choosing them instead of you.

Rapid Insight has developed a QuickStart for Enrollment Veera Predict, which allows you to quickly get a full scan of your competitive environment. By blending your historical enrollment data with data from the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC), you can answer questions like:

  • Who are your top 10 competitor schools based on how many of your admitted applicants are enrolling with them? Has this competitor list remained static over the past few years, or are there new trends emerging?
  • What types of institutions are your lost applicants enrolling with (2/4 year, public/private, in/out-of-state, etc…)?
  • Which departments or majors are you losing the most students in, and which schools are these applicants choosing to attend?
  • What are the profiles of the students who are choosing to enroll elsewhere (average SAT scores, HS GPA, HS rank, etc…)? Are these profiles different for each school they are attending?

The QuickStart also allows you to predict the likelihood that each applicant will choose one of your top competitor schools. This video will focus on how the Rapid Insight QuickStart can be used to answer all of the above questions and many more.

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