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rapid insight webinars Counts, Row Totals, and Column Totals: Tailoring Report Tables Using Construct

Tuesday, May 14 Watch the Webinar

This post is part of the series, Deep Dive.

Construct users create tables for reports all the time, and this presentation delves deeper into that capability. We’ll address the question of whether summary table counts are duplicated or unduplicated, then take a look at how to add row totals and column totals to your tables. If you’re looking to pull a unique count by key data groupings and to simultaneously report that total, check out this webinar for tips on building your skill set.

Key Objectives include:

  • Learning to augment cross tabs and aggregate tables with row totals and column totals
  • Identifying how features of the aggregate node can you display any business measure
  • Exploring how column totals can even improve predictive modeling efforts

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