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rapid insight webinars How to Custom Fit Enrollment Modeling to Your Institution

Friday, December 07 Watch the Webinar

Enrollment modeling can help you predict incoming class size, drive strategic class attributes, and inform your admissions process from start to finish. But with so much variety in data sources, processes, and priorities among institutions, one-size enrollment modeling cannot meet all needs.

In this on-demand video, Senior Analysts Jon MacMillan and James Cousins of Rapid Insight share how to easily build and tailor unique enrollment models using real-world examples. They explore how to custom fit enrollment modeling to your institution based on:

  • Varying sources and types of data
  • Events unique to your campus and your community
  • Specific institutional priorities
  • Internal reporting process and cadence

The presentation includes a demonstration of how to build a student enrollment model using the Veera platform.

After viewing this on-demand video, you will gain the following new skills:

  • The ability to identify and review metrics that are most useful in enrollment modeling
  • A clear way to communicate results from enrollment modeling
  • The confidence to effectively identify valuable team-members and their specific contributions to modeling analysis

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