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rapid insight webinars Customer Appreciation Week:
Unmute Your Geeks!

Tuesday, July 13, 2 pm ET | 11 am PT Watch the Webinar

Tune in for this exciting kickoff to Customer Appreciation Week!

Facilitating communication between your decision-makers and your data analysts (or data geeks, as they’re affectionately known) is critical to effective decision-making. But data geeks often differ from their stakeholders in communication preferences and work styles. How can you bridge that gap?

In this engaging and humorous presentation, Marianne Pelletier will offer a framework for effective communication between those who mine data for results and those who put insights into action. 

Drawing on her decades of experience in fundraising analytics (and her passion for sports betting!), Pelletier will provide guidance that every organization can use to create a more respectful, intentional, and productive workplace. 

Marianne Pelletier, Managing Director at Staupell AnalyticsMarianne Pelletier is the Managing Director at Staupell Analytics and has 30 years of experience in fundraising. She is a world-renowned leader in donor modeling and data mining techniques. Her advancement experience includes Harvard, Lesley, Carnegie Mellon, and Cornell Universities.

Her recent workbook, Building Your Analytics Shop: A Workbook for Nonprofits, was a finalist for the Terry McAdam Award in 2016.

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