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rapid insight webinars What Does Your Data Say About the Next Admissions Cycle?

Thursday, July 18 Watch the Webinar

Admissions cycles come and go. Between the end of one and the start of another, there are always lessons to be learned. But how often (and how well) does your data “teach” those lessons?

The big numbers — application count, yield rate, summer “melt” — are hard to miss, but what about the details lying deeper within the data? For example, which of your prospect sources are most valuable? Which inquiries have the highest chances of applying? And further down the road, what are the characteristics that really correlate with an admit’s decision to enroll?

Some of your recruiting plans may already be set, but now is the perfect time to bring your data to bear on your entire admissions process. With predictive modeling, identify data trends that surface-level observation can miss, resulting in a more qualified prospect pool, higher-affinity admits, and a lower summer-melt rate.

Watch this webinar to learn how our customers have tackled each of these challenges using Rapid Insight’s analytics platform.

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