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This post is part of the series, Create a Data-Enabled Culture to Remain Competitive in Higher Education.

From recruitment to admissions to enrollment, predictive analytics can help your school target outreach to the students that are most likely to attend. In this on-demand video, we review the concepts of predictive analytics and share insights on how you can leverage past data to inform the future. In doing so, you’ll keep your admissions and enrollment team on track to achieve your enrollment objectives while still upholding your admission standards.

We cover how you can:

  • Rank and prioritize search names
  • Identify the best prospects
  • Predict each applicant’s probability of enrolling
  • Estimate class size and financial aid outlay
  • Easily share applicant lists with admissions staff so they can target outreach

Incorporating Predictive Analytics into a Student Success Strategy

This on-demand webinar features our award-winning customers from Bellarmine University, Drew Thiemann, Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, and Dr. Kristen Wallitsch, Associate Dean of Academic Support at the Student Success Center. Tune into this video to hear them discuss how their campus utilized predictive analytics to respond to a decrease in retention rates, and how their efforts won them an Innovative Academic Support Initiative Award from ACPA.

Length: Less than an hour

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