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rapid insight webinars Creating a Data-Enabled Campus

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May is a busy season on any college campus. Last week, I experienced this firsthand as I helped my son move back home after he finished his freshman year. Cars were scattered around the campus as two semesters of belongings were loaded in, students were saying their goodbyes and commencement-related activities had begun. The first year was a really positive experience for my son and he’s already looking forward to sophomore year. During the year, he learned how college was very different from high school – and how great it was to have an academic support center to help him adjust to the changes.

While there are no official national numbers on enrollment or retention rates yet for the end of this academic year, there is still continued pressure on campuses to meet admissions numbers and graduation goals to remain competitive.

Technology can play a big part in meeting an institution’s goals and supporting the success of students like my son. Last week, Rapid Insight customer, Bellarmine University presented a very compelling web seminar on how they are using predictive analytics to help support their student success outreach efforts. In the presentation, Drew Thiemann, Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness and Dr. Kristen Wallitsch, Associate Dean of Academic Support at the Student Success Center, shared their insights on how the two departments worked together to respond to a decrease in retention. The team at Bellarmine won an Innovative Academic Support Initiative Award from ACPA for their efforts. You can watch the video of the presentation below.

As follow up to the Bellarmine presentation, we are offering a three-part webinar series to help any school gain insights on how they can use data on their campus to create positive change. Whether it’s supporting admission, enrollment and student retention goals with predictive analytics or effectively sharing data across campus, each webinar is designed to get you started and learn more about the possibilities. The sessions are free to attend and will be available on-demand as well. Details of each webinar and a link to register is below.

Data Driven Enrollment Management

From recruitment to admissions to enrollment, predictive analytics can help your school target outreach to the students that are most likely to attend.

In this webinar, we’ll review the concepts of predictive analytics and share insights on how you can leverage past data to inform the future. In doing so, you’ll keep your admissions and enrollment team on track to achieve your enrollment objectives while still upholding your admission standards.

We’ll cover how you can:

  • Rank and prioritize search names
  • Identify the best prospects
  • Predict each applicant’s probability of enrolling
  • Estimate class size and financial aid outlay
  • Easily share applicant lists with admissions staff so they can target outreach

Achieve Student Success with Predictive Analytics

Early interventions and outreach are key to helping students achieve their goals. By targeting students most at risk, student success staff can use their own expertise to develop and implement strategies.

In this webinar we’ll review strategies for building predictive models for student success (first year, multi-year) and demonstrate how incorporating data from unique sources, such as campus swipe cards and student mobile apps, can offer a more complete view of your students.

Fueling Innovative Decision Making with a Data-Driven Campus

NASPA-Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, the Association for Institutional Research (AIR), and EDUCAUSE recently conducted a landscape analysis to examine how institutional research, student affairs, and information technology professionals are working together to support students. The paper, entitled Institutions’ Use of Data and Analytics for Student Success identified “clear silos of functions among IR, IT, and student affairs professionals, which presents an opportunity for institutions to expand their sharing of information across divisions.”

In traditional reporting models, static reports and spreadsheets are often outdated or fall short of providing the right information for the right people. Siloed data, siloed departments, outdated reporting… how can an institution effectively work together to support students?

In this webinar we’ll discuss some best practices for reporting and strategies for easily preparing and sharing information across the institution. The webinar will include a demonstration of Bridge, the collaboration and data exploration platform from Rapid Insight, which allows anyone, with any skillset, to make data-informed decisions.

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