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rapid insight webinars Deep Dive: Giving Old Construct Jobs New Life

Thursday, June 24, 2 pm ET | 11 am PT Save Your Spot

This post is part of the series, Deep Dive.

When revisiting old Construct jobs, you might try to run a workflow and find that it operates sub-optimally. You might even find that it doesn’t run at all! With long-unused jobs, it can be difficult to diagnose the problem. You might have a missing data connection, run into an error message, or in some cases, you may have trouble determining what the job is supposed to accomplish.

Whatever the problem may be, don’t lose hope! Construct jobs are durable, and you can likely revive your workflow.

In this session, we will walk through resurrecting old jobs by troubleshooting problems like broken data connections and deprecated tables. We’ll also cover best practices to keep your jobs fresh!

If you have questions about reviving your own jobs, bring them to the session for Audience Q&A!

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