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rapid insight webinars Enhancing Student Retention Predictive Models with Mobile App Data

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Co-presented by DubLabs and Rapid Insight

Higher education institutions today are invested in promoting student success for the good of their students and the good of the school. Key technology components of these initiatives have been student retention predictive models and student engagement using mobile applications. Retention models are a proven way to use data to identify students who can benefit from additional support. Custom mobile applications enhance student interaction with key tools to help them navigate the campus experience.

The time has come to bring these powerful tools together. In this webinar, we explore exciting new opportunities to provide targeted support to students who need it the most with augmented data sets that can more accurately identify those who are at higher risk of attrition. Then the presenters share the role of mobile applications on campus and a demonstration of how mobile app data can enhance student retention predictive models.

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