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rapid insight webinars Enriching Student Success Models with Live LMS Data

Tuesday, March 02, 1 pm ET | 12 pm CT Watch the Webinar

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COVID-19 had a destabilizing impact on predictive modeling in higher education. But with a shift in mindset and approach, predictive models can continue to be useful, and in some cases, can even be improved to reflect the new institutional landscape.

Nick Wagner, the Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness at Saginaw Valley State University, seized the opportunity presented by a shift to fully-online course delivery to integrate live LMS data into the institution’s student success models. Rather than assessing student performance and attrition risk against a fixed point in time using only pre-admission data, Wagner created a model that flagged at-risk students by adding in measures like LMS activity and posting frequency during the semester. Through his work, Wagner equipped advisors to flag at-risk students for intervention and even discovered a critical new attendance variable.

Wagner will also discuss how the shift to online learning presented an opportunity to increase and enrich LMS usage at Saginaw Valley State, leading to substantive improvements in data collection and analysis that will have lasting impacts across the institution.

This webinar was presented in partnership with AIRUM.

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