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rapid insight webinars From Crisis to Collaboration: How Temple University Used Data to Turn a Setback into a Success Story

Thursday, June 18, 2 pm CT | 3 pm ET Watch the Webinar

Times of crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, bring the importance of data to the forefront of everyone’s mind. In this webinar, David Kaiser, the Director of Strategic Analytics at Temple University’s Fox School of Business, will discuss how dealing with a past crisis brought the need for good data management and application to the forefront of the university’s priorities. Through remedial work and investigation, Kaiser ushered in an unprecedented ability for all of Temple’s Fox School of Business to access data strategically. 

Kaiser worked with Temple’s Information Technology Services to develop a secure repository, called the Data Mart, to allow democratized, regulated access to critical data and improve decision making across the school. Kaiser also worked on the development of several dashboards for improvements in enrollment management, curriculum development, student success, and retention.

In this presentation, he will share the lessons he learned and the insights he gathered when he seized the opportunity presented by a sudden spotlight on data and turned a crisis into an opportunity for growth and improvement. 

Topics will include how data can be used to: 

  • Break down silos between departments and start conversations about collaborative initiatives
  • Determine which individual classes can effectively be held online and which should only be held in person (which has implications for the fall 2020 semester)
  • Improve curriculum development and student success by analyzing DFW rates
  • Qualify faculty for accreditation reports in seconds rather than days
  • Increase the efficacy of freshmen scholarship programs through predictive modeling

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