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rapid insight webinars How Automated Reporting Helped Lipscomb University Achieve Record Fall Enrollment

Thursday, September 24, 11 am PT | 2 pm ET Watch the Webinar

When COVID-19 struck, Lipscomb University braced for the worst. Like Universities across the world, Lipscomb prepared for the potential impact of a Fall semester of lower enrollment, reduced retention rates, and a smaller number of new students.

As it turns out, Lipscomb saw record highs in undergrad and graduate enrollment, freshman and new graduate student registration, and retention of last year’s freshmen and transfers.

But it wasn’t luck that got them here; among many things, it was an intentional effort to create a good structure for data access that allowed their team to keep moving forward despite the upheaval. An initiative started two years earlier by Matt Rehbein, Lipscomb’s Director of Institutional Research, paid off in greater ways than he could have imagined.

When Lipscomb (like most universities) had to shift suddenly to remote work during the initial impact of COVID-19, Rehbein’s data-sharing structure and automated reporting system helped make the transition to remote work smoother and simpler. It equipped their teams to stay connected and keep moving forward on enrollment, retention, and academic planning efforts, leading to record results.

In this webinar, learn about:

  • Implementing a strong campus-wide data-sharing initiative
  • Improving enrollment and retention efforts through data democratization
  • Tools that make data dashboard access easy and intuitive

Watch the webinar below!

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