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rapid insight webinars How Netflix Inspired Improvements to Student Enrollment and Retention

Tuesday, October 26, 11 am ET | 8 am PT Watch the Webinar

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What can Netflix and Amazon teach you about how to increase yield rates for retention and enrollment?

In this webinar, Dr. Michael Chavez, the Executive Director of Strategic Analytics at the University of Texas Permian Basin, will discuss how he built a system which:

  • Offers students personalized course recommendations
  • Looks and functions like Netflix’s suggested viewing screen
  • Allows students to add courses of interest to their ‘cart’
  • Uses nudge messages to encourage students to complete registration for courses left in their cart

Behind the scenes, the recommendation system uses Rapid Insight’s software for advanced, automated K-means analysis. Combined with customized messaging for text, email, and social media, the system led to a significant increase in yield rates.

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