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rapid insight webinars Improving Patient Care with Predictive Analytics: St. Charles Health System

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Dr. Michael Johnson, PhD, Veera Predict Specialist, Decision Support St. Charles Health System

Dr. Michael Johnson, PhD,
Data Scientist, Decision Support at St. Charles Health System

Presented by Dr. Michael Johnson, PhD
Data Scientist, Decision Support at St. Charles Health System

St. Charles Health System’s vision is “Creating America’s healthiest community Together.” A key element in realizing this vision is providing the best care possible to their patients and the members of their community. Always a data-driven organization, St. Charles has recently taken a leadership position in using predictive analytics to inform patient policy and protocols with great results.

In this video, Dr. Michael Johnson, Data Scientist for Decision Support at St. Charles, will share the path they followed that allowed them to develop, implement, and verify the accuracy of several predictive analytics models over a very short period of time. Attendees will learn:

  • How St. Charles built predictive models, such as readmission risk and the likelihood of exceeding standard length of stay.
  • How the approach allows efficient management and modification of the models.
  • How the caregivers have operationalized the models in the St. Charles care process.
  • How the Rapid Insight Veera platform is helping to enable all of this.
  • How the St. Charles predictive analytics model for readmission risk is returning significant improvement over the standardized LACE readmission assessments scores.

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