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rapid insight webinars Launching New Enrollment Management Initiatives with Rapid Insight

Thursday, April 08 Watch the Webinar

Indiana State University had an urgent need to resolve several open questions about admissions, enrollment, and financial aid. In response, Indiana State University’s new VP of Enrollment Management restructured the division to include enrollment analytics, emphasizing the role of data-informed decisions and predictive analytics.

In this presentation, Margaret Dalrymple, Director of Enrollment Analytics at Indiana State University,¬†will detail how she hit the ground running in a new role using Rapid Insight’s analytics tools and QuickStarts (pre-built data workflows for enrollment and retention that connect directly with all major LMS’s and CRM’s). Using Rapid Insight’s software, Dalrymple responded to the VP’s inquiries and rapidly addressed urgent requests with tailored reports.

The session will conclude with a demonstration of Rapid Insight’s tools and QuickStarts.

This session is a recording from¬†INAIR’s 2021 Virtual Conference.

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