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rapid insight webinars Easier IPEDS Reporting with Automated Data Prep

Tuesday, July 27, 2 pm ET | 11 am PT Watch the Webinar

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Join us for a live IPEDS data automation case study featuring Maria Narvaez, the Director of Institutional Planning and Research at Mount Saint Mary’s University (MSMU).

When Maria inherited the IPEDS Keyholder role at MSMU, she found that entering IPEDS data for submission was a cumbersome, time-consuming process, requiring over 40 hours of manual work to complete. 

After getting through her first IPEDS cycle, Maria investigated the IPEDS file upload process for efficiencies. Working with Rapid Insight’s support team, she created automated formatting workflows to prepare MSMU’s data for submission. 

In the end, a process that used to take 40 hours of staff time now takes just 10 hours. Spending 75% less time on IPEDS data prep means Maria and her team can focus on exploratory, impactful IR investigations for MSMU.

In this webinar, you will learn how to update your IPEDS process and reduce the overall time required to meet the deadline with:

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