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rapid insight webinars Make Tableau Better with Veera

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With the advent of Powerful Visualization Tools like Tableau, users are now able to create dashboards easily and intuitively. Unfortunately, that typically means that the demands on that analyst continue to grow as new reports and dashboards are presented leading to more and more questions. While the end user sees the pretty pictures, they are often unaware of the amount of work that it takes to wrangle the data. As a recent Forbes Magazine article referenced, 80% of the work for data scientists is centered around data preparation rather than the actual development or sharing of the visualizations. Over half of those surveyed in the article also noted this is the least enjoyable part of their jobs.

In this webinar, we will be discussing how the best practices regarding data preparation and the right software tool for the job can save you time and make the process more efficient and enjoyable. We will be demonstrating how Rapid Insight Veera Construct can be used to:

-Merge Disparate Data from Any Source
-Transform and Clean Up Data
-Perform Sophisticated Calculations without the need for Programming Knowledge
-Create Reusable Processes
-Reduce Development Time
-Automate the Process of Updating Tableau Dashboards
-Integrate Predictive Analytics into your Dashboards

Decentralize Analytics and Harness the Power of Many with the Veera® Platform

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