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rapid insight webinars Multiplying IR Functionality Across Campus: The Power of the Right Analytics Platform

Wednesday, January 22 Watch the Webinar

How does a one-person IR office manage the data needs of several provosts and deans, dozens of academic program directors and administrators, and multiple business units across an entire campus? And how familiar is this situation to your experience in institutional research?

In this on-demand video, meet Matt Rehbein, Director of Institutional Research at Lipscomb University, as he demonstrates how 4 years of working with Rapid Insight’s analytics platform has enabled a transformation of the IR function on his campus.

Using the AIR Statement of Aspirational Practice as a guiding philosophy, Rehbein will describe how IR at Lipscomb leverages the Rapid Insight platform to empower data-informed decision-making. His presentation will focus on the last 12 months of deploying the cloud-based reporting tool, Bridge, for self-service analytics, as well as offer examples of real-world business problems solved using the Construct-Bridge tandem.

Creating a data-informed campus takes time and persistence—and the right tools. Find out how one IR director is succeeding.

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