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rapid insight webinars Predictive Modeling Supports Human Capital Management

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Employees represent a large portion of any institution’s asset base. Their skills, reputations, contributions, and responsibilities are part of an intricate operating system that enables the institution to meet its mission. Managing this asset effectively now requires the same strategic and data informed approach that has been benefitting other business divisions for years: Predictive Analytics.
The transactional reports of old are no longer adequate. A new, data informed approach, that leverages predictive analytics is required. Predictive Analytics, has been long used in enterprises for market research, consumer behavior analysis and risk management (to name a few). HR can now benefit as well.

Your data can tell you a lot about your employees.

  • Who is likely to leave?
  • What are the attributes of good long term employees?
  • Are there trends or patterns that are concerning?

Knowing this information early enables you to create initiatives that can reverse the direction and help you stay on track. Watch this video to learn how predictive analytics with Rapid Insight gives you a quick and easy path to leveraging your data to manage your human capital.

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