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rapid insight webinars Simplified Data Prep for Tableau

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Tableau is the market leader in the visual analytics space. Its widely-adopted platform enables users to build and share powerful, elegant visualizations that bring data to life. However, the most critical aspect of successfully working with Tableau is data preparation. That huge, time-consuming, tedious task is the universal pain that all Tableau users face. That’s why many Tableau customers solve that pain with Construct, the easy and affordable self-service data preparation tool from Rapid Insight.

Rapid Insight is the first software vendor with built-in integration with Tableau’s new in-memory data engine, Hyper. Construct empowers users to take full advantage of Hyper for dramatically faster insights and higher performance. Construct’s ability to auto-generate Hyper files creates seamless integration with Tableau 10.5.

In this on-demand video, we demonstrate how Construct enables self-service data prep for Tableau’s visual analytics. We’ll work through an example of pulling sales information from a SQL server database, merging that with product and customer information to produce Tableau visualizations that our entire team can utilize.

We also show a marketing example, where we’ll demonstrate how we can combine demographic information and historical response records, create new calculated fields, cleanse missing values, and apply a predictive model in order to see what our predicted response might be on our next marketing campaign.

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