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rapid insight webinars Using Holistic Data to Craft a Student Success Strategy

Friday, February 21 Watch the Webinar

To meet the needs of modern students, your campus offers a student experience that encourages growth and well-being, inside and outside of the classroom. But how can you be sure that your efforts are truly leading to student success?

You must measure student success holistically, which means considering factors beyond a student’s academic performance. A true measure of student success includes variables like campus engagement, health and wellness, family involvement, and many more.

The right technology will equip you to measure and act on this data. Using predictive analytics, data dashboarding, ad hoc analyses, and robust reporting, your efforts will go further than ever before, and you will have evidence to support the results of your work.

In this on-demand video you will see how you can:


  • Expand your student success initiatives using predictive analytics
  • Use data to support investigations into the entire student experience
  • Leverage a wide variety of data sources in your analyses
  • Deeply explore the impact of factors like summer melt, engagement, wellness, and more

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