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rapid insight webinars Why the Future of Enrollment Management is in Predictive Analytics

Wednesday, January 15 Watch the Webinar

Why the Future of Enrollment Management is in Predictive Analytics

In today’s enrollment environment, these are near-universal truths: institutions are short on students, tight on public funding, and flush with competition. What’s also true is that you can no longer afford to ignore the data.

Data-driven enrollment management is not new anymore, and advanced means of on-demand reporting is essentially the norm. But how many institutions are still only beginning to explore the hidden potential of predictive analytics? There’s still time to get ahead of the higher-ed curve, and predictive analytics can allow you to strategically improve everything from incoming class headcounts and academic quality to diversity KPIs and financial aid outlays.

In this on-demand video, we’ll talk to Dr. Bryan Terry, Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management at Arkansas State University, about how he brought his deep background in data-driven enrollment to campus, and learn of the transformative impact his work has had on student retention.

This on-demand video will explore:

  • How to apply predictive analytics to enrollment management
  • How to nurture a data-driven environment on campus
  • Strategies for using data to impact strategic decisions

Tune into this on-demand video to see Rapid Insight analyst manager James Cousins and our guest, Bryan Terry, discuss why effectively leveraging predictive analytics may be the key to meeting the biggest enrollment challenges enrollment professionals face.

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