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rapid insight WHITEPAPERs Higher-Ed Predictive Analytics & the Path to Institutional Health

To reverse downward trends in student enrollment and retention, more universities are recognizing the need to leverage their data for more informed decision-making.

Download this whitepaper to learn how to begin applying your data to predictive models and to better pinpoint, anticipate, and act upon the needs of your students. And with the right tools, align all stakeholders to the tangible benefits of data-informed insights.

In this whitepaper you’ll explore:

  • Why to use predictive modeling
    Understanding areas of data exploration for your institution
  • Challenges to data-informed decision-making
    Aligning stakeholders to its benefits takes the right kind of tool
  • An analytics solution that works for everyone
    Making data prep, modeling, and reporting easy and transparent

Click here to get your copy and discover how to help your university leverage data to better serve your students.

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