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How to Build Better Tableau Dashboards with Your Data—Faster

Webinar Title:
How to Build Better Tableau Dashboards
with your Data—Faster

Duration: Less than 45 minutes

We all know how important dashboards are in our daily lives. From checking the bank account online to getting in the car, dashboards provide that quick, high-level view of data we need to make everyday decisions—like, do I need to fill up the gas tank today?

Dashboarding tools like Tableau are transforming business, making data visual, digestible, and shareable throughout an organization—helping teams arrive at key insights much faster.

But dashboards don’t just happen. They require clean, well-structured data, which can often take hours to prepare. What if data preparation were as fast and easy as Tableau data visualizations are cool and concise? And what if that data preparation could be automated?

In this webinar you’ll discover:

  • A solution that will cut significant time from the data prep process
  • A seamless output of your clean data, straight into Tableau
  • Use cases showing how to build jobs to make public data ready to use
  • How to up your game and create more complex Tableau charts—easily

Tune into this webinar to learn the quickest way to go from data prep to data viz.

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