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Enrollment Management Training Video Series

james cousins
senior statistical analyst

As a member of the client services team at Rapid Insight, I genuinely love helping customers use our platform successfully. If you’re a responsible navigator of the software world, you’ll read that with a hint of skepticism, but it really is true. Customer service has been a point of distinction for us, and it turns out to be mutually beneficial. Our customers succeed, and we have fulfilling day-to-day work. In that spirit, I’m really happy to be sharing a brand new training series: “A Day in the Life.” This enrollment management training video series walks through data prep in the higher education setting.

We have had function-based node snippet videos for a while now, and we’ve recently introduced an online help manual to make self-service support easier too. Customers have commonly requested a video series that looks at the platform through a specific data sequence. The snippet videos review Veera’s utility node-by-node. This new training series presents a relatable enrollment management setting and walks you through the whole process – just as if it was a day out of your life.

Take a peek at the introduction video before you get started, so you can set yourself up to follow along. Or, if you are an old pro when it comes to admissions and enrollment management, hop right in with episode one and enjoy. We’ll walk through how to load datasets from scratch, how to clean data, ways to analyze data, work within predictive modeling, and finally, create proactive reports.

We recognize that not all data prep is fully alike. So this is a start to a whole new resource library for our customers. If you’re interested in the enrollment management training series, but not involved in admissions or even in higher education, you can definitely still benefit. Keep checking back with us for future videos, because we’ll be covering a variety of data prep scenarios.

Our one request is that you don’t stop calling us occasionally. Even if this series means you don’t need our help with data prep, we still like hearing what our customers do with our Veera platform.

Enrollment Management Training Series