Achieving Enrollment and Student Success Goals at Community Colleges

The challenges and goals for Community Colleges around Enrollment and Retention can be very different than 4 year institutions. In this on-demand video, Rapid Insight Analysts Jon MacMillan and James Cousins discuss the unique challenges and how technology can help support the goals.

Key Topics include:

  • Data Preparation and Quality
  • Breaking Down Data Silos
  • Overview of the concepts of of Predictive Analytics for Community Colleges
  • Defining Success Goals Unique to Your School
  • Resources for KPIs related to Community College Outcomes
  • Discussion of how to measure success around retention and transfer students
  • Flexible predictive modeling that focuses on credit hour completion rather than traditional 4 year approaches
  • Sharing the Results
  • A brief software demo to build and share the results of a Student Retention Predictive Mode

Decentralize analytics.
Harness the power of many.

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Decentralize analytics. Harness the power of many.