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A robust analytics platform for data preparation, analysis, and access

Critical business insights are trapped within your data. Unlock that knowledge, make smarter decisions, and build a data-driven culture with the Veera platform.

Veera Construct gives you the ability to connect to numerous sources of data to blend, cleanse and prepare that data for analysis. Veera Construct’s code-free, visual workspace makes it easy to create repeatable data prep and reporting processes, building efficiency and broadening your impact.

Veera Predict provides analysts with the power of one-click predictive modeling, enabling quick iteration and speedy results. Fully transparent so it’s ethically sound, Veera Predict automines your data and builds a robust predictive model, while offering analysts a lens into the entire process.

Veera Bridge is a cloud-based environment through which information ignites curiosity, deep thinking, and decision-making. An easy tool for reporting and dashboard-building, Veera Bridge eliminates endless back-and-forth questions from report authors to recipients, and it reduces bottlenecks, efficiently empowering everyone to explore and solve problems.

At this time, Veera Construct and Veera Predict are Window OS only. If you have a Mac OS, you will need a virtual machine (such as Parallels) to use them.