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Bringing Construct with me to a new computer

Open Construct and go to File > Database > Backup  

Name and save the Construct Backup file (this will contain all your job and data connection information)

Go to Help > License & Register 

Copy the serial number (you may want to paste this somewhere safe for the time being, like on your computer’s Notepad or Sticky Notes; you’ll enter this same number in Construct on the new machine)

Click the Uninstall License tab

When prompted, click Unlock Your License – this will let you remove your license from the current machine so you can apply it to the new machine – once done, this copy of Construct will be disabled on the machine.

Install Construct on your new computer

After you have installed the license on your new machine it is time to bring in your old work. Open Construct and go to File > Database > Restore

Select the Construct Backup file containing all your job and data connection information. This should be easy to find among all your other old files that were brought over from your old computer.

Once you restore, you may need to rename any Construct Workspace files containing previous jobs. If the jobs don’t show up on the new machine, we can help you access them.

Click here to contact support.

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