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Job Security

I think it’s a universally acknowledged fact that most people don’t back up their files as often as they should. That said, I recently learned how to back up my files in Construct, and it was painless. In fact, the whole process took less than a minute. If the thought of losing your jobs or having to reset all of your connections frightens you as much as it does me, you should follow these easy steps to back up all of your Construct jobs and connections:

1. Open Construct
2. Go to File -> Database -> Backup.
3. In the open window, navigate to the place where you’d like to save your Construct Backup File.
4. Celebrate! You’re all backed up.

If, in the event of a data emergency, you ever need to access these backed-up files, you can do so by going to File -> Database -> Restore. This will restore both your connections and your jobs. Choosing the Recover Lost Jobs option will allow you to recover any jobs that may have been corrupted along the way without affecting your connections.

-Caitlin Garrett, Statistical Analyst at Rapid Insight

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